Invoices FAQ

When a Cloudflare subscription is created, renewed, or a charge is created on the account (such as an additional website).

Invoices can be downloaded from the Billing section of your Cloudflare dashboard.

Here are the most commonly asked questions relating to invoices.


Can I download an invoice?

Yes. On the Billing section is a list of invoices that are available for you to download.


Note that for any historical invoices not included in the Billing section, you can email to have them resent.

Cloudflare does not send invoices via email. 

Once issued, invoices cannot be re-generated. Wait for your next invoice to see any pending updates.

How do I change the account email address where I receive billing notifications?

See How do I change my Cloudflare account email address

Can I add my company name to the invoice?
When you enter your billing information during sign-up or upgrading a website, there is a Company text field where you can enter your company name. This information is included in your invoice.

See How do I update my credit card information for more details.

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