What is True-Client-IP?

What is True-Client-IP?
If True-Client-IP is enabled, Cloudflare will add a True-Client-IP header in the request sent to the origin with the IP address of the end user.

Connections from Cloudflare to origin servers come from Cloudflare IPs. True-Client-IP is a solution that allows Cloudflare users to see the end user’s IP address, even when the traffic to the origin is sent directly from Cloudflare.

This feature supplements our current CF-Connecting-IP and X-Forwarded-For headers.

If you're interested in the actual client (visitor) IP address, we recommend relying on the CF-Connecting-IP (or True-Client-IP) instead of X-Forwarded-For.

How do I turn on True-Client-IP?
True-Client-IP is available in the Network app of the Cloudflare dashboard.

Who is True-Client-IP available for?
True-Client-IP is available for all Enterprise customers. To upgrade to Enterprise, contact the Cloudflare team.

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