What is Query String Sort? [Enterprise only]

What is Query String Sort?

Today, Cloudflare treats URLs with query strings that are in different orders as separate files in the cache. This mean that if one user requests:


And another user requests:


We will go back to the origin, even though we have the file in our cache.

Query String Sort will sort the query strings before they hit our cache resulting in a higher cache hit rate.

How do I turn on Query String Sort?

Query String Sort is available in the Cloudflare dashboard under the Caching app.

How does Query String Sort handle parameters of the same name?

In the case of two query strings of the same name, for example:



The URL is sorted by the parameter value. In this case, to:


Who is Query String Sort available for?

Query String Sort is available for all Enterprise customers. To upgrade to Enterprise, contact the Cloudflare team.

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