Choosing between Cloudflare and Yunjiasu

Learn whether to choose Cloudflare or Yunjiasu for your performance and security.


There are many benefits to both services in Cloudflare’s partnership with Baidu.

You should sign up for Cloudflare if:

  1. A meaningful portion of your audience is outside of mainland China.
  2. You would like to use a service (including support) offered in English.
  3. You do not have an ICP license.
  4. You require HTTPS.

You should choose the Yunjiasu service if:

  1. Your user base is located primarily in mainland China.
  2. You prefer a service (including support) offered in the Chinese language.
  3. You have an ICP license.
  4. Your domain is HTTP-only.

As the China Network is a joint offering, a domain can only be active through one provider at a time. If the domain is currently on Cloudflare, you need to remove the domain from your Cloudflare account, sign up for a Yunjiasu account, and add the domain to your Yunjiasu account. The same steps are true if you’re switching from Yunjiasu to Cloudflare.

You can be a user of both Cloudflare and Yunjiasu if you choose to set up different domains between the two services.

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