If I would like to improve performance in China, which service should I choose, Cloudflare or Yunjiasu?

There are many benefits to both services in Cloudflare’s partnership with Baidu.

You should sign up for Cloudflare if:

  1. A meaningful portion of your audience is outside of mainland China.
  2. You would like to use a service (including support) offered in English.
  3. You do not have an ICP license.
  4. You require HTTPS.

You should choose the Yunjiasu service if:

  1. Your user base is located primarily in mainland China.
  2. You prefer a service (including support) offered in the Chinese language.
  3. You have an ICP license.
  4. Your domain is HTTP-only.

How can I sign up for Yunjiasu?

Please visit http://su.baidu.com/ and follow the registration steps.

Can I use Cloudflare and Yunjiasu at the same time?

As the China Network is a joint offering, a domain can only be active through one provider at a time. If the domain is currently on Cloudflare, you need to remove the domain from your Cloudflare account, sign up for a Yunjiasu account, and add the domain to your Yunjiasu account. The same steps are true if you’re switching from Yunjiasu to Cloudflare.

You can be a user of both Cloudflare and Yunjiasu if you choose to set up different domains between the two services.

如果我希望改善网站在中国的性能,应该用Cloudflare 还是百度云加速?


您应该选择 Cloudflare如果:

  1. 您在海外有相当规模的用户访问量
  2. 您希望服务商提供英文支持 (产品和客服)
  3. 您不具有ICP备案
  4. 您需要HTTPS支持


  1. 您的访问者主要来自中国
  2. 您希望服务商提供中文支持
  3. 您已有网站备案 (ICP)
  4. 您的域名只需要 HTTP (不需要 HTTPS)


注册云加速详情请访问 http://su.baidu.com/




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