How to add a DS record to

1. After you have logged in to you need to go to:

Service zone Domain Settings > Domain Modification.
2. There you have an section for DNSSEC. Most likely it says "No entry" meaning that DNSSEC is not setup. Click on 'Change' to start setting up the required records.
3. shows you 4 input boxes with the following names:
  • alg:
  • digest:
  • digest type:
  • keytag:
To correctly setup DNSSEC with Cloudflare you have to enter the following details from the Cloudflare DNSSEC information screen:
  • alg : the contents of the "Algorithm" field (13)
  • digest: the contents of the "Digest" field (64 characters as displayed)
  • digest type: Cloudflare shows this as "SHA256" but you need to translate that to 2 (can also be seen in the example DS record)
  • keytag: the contents of the "Key Tag" field
The other fields are not needed when setting up the DNSSEC details at (Public Key and Flags)
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