How to add a DS record to GoDaddy


GoDaddy supports DNSSEC with algorithm 13 for the following TLDs:

.com, .net, .biz, .us, .org, .eu, .se, .at,,,, .co,,,

You might not be able to use DNSSEC with Cloudflare for your GoDaddy domain if the TLD cannot be configured with algorithm 13 in GoDaddy. Contact GoDaddy for support.

If you find out that GoDaddy does not support algorithm 13 for your TLD, you might wish to consider transferring your domain to a registrar that supports algorithm 13 so that you can configure DNSSEC with Cloudflare. To understand the reasons why Cloudflare chose algorithm 13, read ECDSA: The missing piece of DNSSEC.

Add a DS record to GoDaddy

Before entering a DS record to GoDaddy, you need to obtain the DS data from Cloudflare:

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

2. Ensure the website for the DS record you need is selected.

3. Click the DNS app.

4. Scroll down to the DNSSEC panel.

5. Click the DS Record dropdown.

6. Copy and paste the information you need from Cloudflare into the GoDaddy UI for managing domains. See Add a DS record in the GoDaddy support portal.




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