Troubleshooting issues sharing to Facebook

Learn how to avoid blocking Facebook IPs via the Cloudflare Firewall app.


By default, Cloudflare does not block or challenge requests from Facebook. However, a post of a website to Facebook returns an Attention Required error under the following circumstances:

  • the security level is set to I'm Under Attack either globally or via a Page rule, or
  • there is a user-defined firewall challenge or block that includes a Facebook IP address.
A country challenge can block Facebook IP addresses.  Facebook is known to crawl from both the US and Ireland.

To resolve issues sharing to Facebook, either

  • remove the corresponding IP, ASN, or Country Firewall Rule or IP Access Rule that challenges or blocks Facebook IPs, or
  • whitelist AS32934 and AS63293 in your IP Access Rules, to override challenges, blocks, and Under Attack challenges.

If you experienced issues with Facebook sharing, you need to rescrape pages via the Fetch New Scrape Information option on Facebook's Object Debugger.

Facebook only re-scrapes content every 30 days unless instructed otherwise. If you need to update a large number of resources, Facebook provides an API that can help you do so.

If you still have issues, contact Cloudflare Support with the following details:

  • the URLs of your website that cannot share to Facebook
  • the output from Facebook's debug tool
  • confirmation you have rescraped the URLs
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