How to fix 'err_name_not_resolved'?

Error err_name_not_resolved occurs when the requesting URL contains a domain or subdomain that doesn't exist or can't be found.

Common causes

Error err_name_not_resolved is typically related to a domain name service (DNS) resolution problem.


Below are the most common causes for this error along with suggested solutions.

Mistyped domain or subdomain

Verify that you entered the correct domain or subdomain in the request URL.

Missing DNS records

Ensure that you have the necessary DNS records in your Cloudflare configuration (DNS app).  This includes having the following records:

  • The root domain (e.g.,
  • Any existing subdomains (e.g.,,, etc.)

Learn more about setting up A and CNAME DNS records.

If you have a CNAME Setup, ensure your DNS records also exist in your authoritative nameservers. Learn about Full DNS vs. partial CNAME Setup.

If records already exist on a non-Cloudflare authoritative nameserver but not in your Cloudflare DNS settings, another type of error appears: Error 1001 DNS resolution error.

Unresolved IP address

Although it rarely happens, the nameserver queried (or more precisely, the resolver in the requesting machine) might fail to resolve a DNS record to a valid IP address.  This issue is unrelated to Cloudflare. You can try reloading the page after a short wait to see if the problem goes away.  Contact your host provider for additional help.

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