My payment failed, what do I do?

There are typically only three reasons why transactions are declined when Cloudflare attempts to charge the card on file. 

  1. There is some hold or other measure issued by your card issuer or bank that is preventing Cloudflare from charging the card on file. Please contact the card-issuing bank to see if there are any restrictions in place that would prevent Cloudflare from successfully making a charge. The email that you received regarding the declined payment will list the reason for the decline.
  1. There is some inaccuracy in the billing information that Cloudflare has on file when we attempt to charge the card. Please verify that the information listed here matches what your bank has on file for the card. Please note- if you need to update any of the required fields on this page, you'll need to re-enter all the required fields on this page. 
  2. The card on file has expired and needs to be updated. To update your credit card on file please follow the below steps: 
  •  Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard
  •  In the top right corner click on your name, and then click on My Settings
  •  Navigate to the Billing tab, and then click on the Change payment method
  •  Update your payment method and click "Confirm"
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