Troubleshooting failed payments

If a Cloudflare payment fails, you might need to ask your bank to remove a hold, update your billing information in Cloudflare, or ensure that your account has sufficient funds.


Below are the most common reasons why transactions are declined when Cloudflare tries to process your payment. If your payment is unsuccessful after multiple attempts, your account is automatically downgraded to a Free plan. 

Downgrading to a Free plan does not suspend your website. However, you will lose any subscriptions or add-on services associated with the Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan.

After updating your payment method, we suggest manually updating your plan type and add-on services using the Cloudflare dashboard.

Common reasons for failed payments

Your bank placed a hold

The bank or card issuer has placed a hold or other similar measure that prevents Cloudflare from charging the card on file. The email you received alerting you about the failed payment lists the specific reason for the decline.

Contact your bank to check for any restriction that would prevent Cloudflare from successfully processing your payment.

Your billing information needs updating

The billing information that Cloudflare has on file is inaccurate or incomplete. Also, the credit card on file might have expired.

Gift cards and pre-payment cards may not be accepted for payment as they are not associated with a billing address.

To ensure all billing information is current and accurate, see Updating your Cloudflare billing information

Your payment account has insufficient funds

Cloudflare was unable to collect payment due to insufficient funds in the account on file. Contact your financial institution to ensure fund availability.

Cloudflare Registrar domain purchases

Cloudflare processes payments for Registrar domain transfers one at a time, which may trigger a failed payment for users that purchase multiple domains at a time. For example, if you register five (5) domains in one day, you will be charged five times. This may be flagged as fraud by your credit card company.

Contact your financial institution to ensure that this payment will be processed.

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