How can I enable Free SSL under Cloudflare cPanel plugin?

As of December 9, 2016 all new domains added to Cloudflare via partners have Free SSL enabled. In order to enable Free SSL for existing customers whose domains were added prior to December 9, 2016 it's necessary to delete and re-add the domain to be provisioned automatically.

1. Make sure you are running the latest Cloudflare cPanel plugin version 6.x.

2. In the config.js file which is located at:


Update the following line:

 "": ["SecurityLevelCard", "ChallengePassageCard", "BrowserIntegrityCheckCard"],  

by adding a string "SSLCard":

"": ["SecurityLevelCard", "ChallengePassageCard", "BrowserIntegrityCheckCard", "SSLCard"],

3. Login to Cloudflare section of cPanel and you should be able to see "SSL" displayed under the "Security" tab. See the screenshot below. 



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