How can I enable Full DNS set up under Cloudflare cPanel plugin?

The cPanel plugin gives your customers two options of how to provision Cloudflare. Full DNS set up is available as part of the Cloudflare cPanel plugin latest version 6.x. 

CNAME setup - this is the default setup for the cPanel plugin.

Full DNS setup - this set up requires updating your domain’s name servers to point to Cloudflare name servers, which means that Cloudflare becomes the authoritative DNS. Full DNS provisioning enables protection at the root domain ( as well as at subdomains (

Partners can control whether or not to enable Full DNS zone setup for their customers. Please note that CNAME setup cannot be disabled.

Full DNS set up can be easily enabled under config.js file which can be found under


by updating the following parameter value from "false" to "true":

"False" - Full DNS disabled (all customers will use default CNAME set up)

"True" - Full DNS enabled (customers can select either full DNS or CNAME. 

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