Can I migrate my customers' domains added directly to my partner account?

Currently we don't have an automated way of associating domains added directly with a partner account.

Please delete the domains and add them through one of the partner integration methods

How to delete domains:

  1. Log into Cloudflare.
  2. Select the website you wish to delete from your list of websites.
  3. In the Overview app, click Remove Site from Cloudflare under Advanced Actions.
  4. Click Confirm in the Remove site window.

The key benefit of transferring your customer domains to your partner integration is that you will be able to choose between CNAME and full DNS integration methods (KB article). You can still use the same user account to which the domain was added so you don't need to worry about updating your name servers again. 

How to add domains using cPanel plugin:

1. Make sure that the latest version of the cPanel plugin is installed on your server (our installation guide explains how).

2. Login to cPanel and look for the Cloudflare icon.

3. Use your Cloudflare user account credentials to sign in to Cloudflare.

4. The default method of adding domains is CNAME setup. If you wish to use full zone setup, please find instructions outlined in this KB article

How to add domains using Plesk ServerShield extension:

1. Make sure that the latest version of the ServerShield extension is installed on your Plesk 12 and higher server (our installation guide explains how).

2. Login to Plesk server as administrator and look for Cloudflare under 'Extensions' in the left-hand menu.

3. Enable Cloudflare ServerShield extension with your Cloudflare partner credentials. You will be asked for the Host API key and your email address. 

4. The only method of adding domains is CNAME setup, full zone setup is not supported. In order to start adding domains, login to Plesk as a customer and find the ServerShield extension in the top righthand corner under the 'Websites and Domains' page.

5. Please use your existing Cloudflare user account credentials to sign in or you can sign up for a new account. N.B. Cloudflare is no longer your authoritative DNS provider, so make sure you transfer your name servers back to your DNS provider. 






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