How do I set up Cloudflare with Plesk if I manage DNS externally?

Cloudflare ServerShield for Plesk 12 and higher uses a CNAME setup, which means that only subdomains (e.g., can be pointed to Cloudflare and the authoritative DNS remains the same. Please note, ServerShield supports CNAME integration only.

For those partners who are using DNS outside of Plesk, after you have enabled Cloudflare through the ServerShield extension, the following DNS records need to be added. Please note, this configuration is designed for hosts who manage their customers' DNS. 

In order to add to Cloudflare

Current DNS setup: A Record to IP address



New DNS setup with Cloudflare requires that you add the following DNS records:


ADD: A Records to IP address.



Please note that "cf" may not be the resolve to record in your DNS records. This subdomain is either defined through the Host API or through one of our installed integrations. The default value for Magento plugin is "cf." while the default for other plugins may be "cloudflare-resolve-to."


Plesk server Hosting Settings

Please make sure for your 'Preferred domain', that you select the first option, in the format of 


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