How To Buy Additional Page Rules

If I run out of Page Rules, can I buy more?

Yes, you can always buy more Page Rules for $5 for 5 Page Rules.

How do I buy additional Page Rules?

5 additional Page Rules can be purchased for $5 from the Free, Pro and Business Plans. To buy Page Rules, go to the Page Rules app. If you still have Page Rules remaining, you will be able to buy Page Rules from a link in the Page Rules table:

If you are out of Page Rules, you will be able to click the main button in the Page Rules table to purchase additional Page Rules:

Next, you’ll need to select the number of Page Rules you’d like to buy. Page Rules can be purchased in packs of 5, for $5 for 5 Page Rules. The maximum number of Page Rules you can have for any website is 100 Page Rules.

The last step is to add and confirm your payment information. If you have already added a payment method previously with Cloudflare, we will use your payment method on file. If you would like to change that method of payment, you can do so in your billing settings.

How do I cancel my Page Rules purchase?

If you would like to cancel any additional Page Rules you have purchased, you may do so in your Account Subscriptions settings. First, find the website for which you would like to cancel your Page Rules subscription. Websites are listed in alphabetical order. Next, click the ‘Edit’ button all the way on the right side of that row.

That will bring up a modal where you can edit all of the subscriptions you have for that website, including Page Rules. Select the dropdown by the Page Rules amount, and change the amount to 0.

Click “Next”.

At this point, if the Page Rules you are trying to cancel are in use (Page Rules that are paused and active both count towards Page Rules that are in use), Cloudflare will first prompt you to visit the Page Rules app to delete those Page Rules. After you delete those Page Rules, you can return to the Account Subscriptions page to continue canceling your Page Rules subscription.

Next, Cloudflare will give you a confirmation screen so that you can confirm your changes. You can press “Done".

When I change plans will I keep my add on subscriptions?

When you change plans, you will keep your Page Rules add on subscription.

What happens if I cancel Page Rules half way through my billing cycle?

As soon as you cancel your additional Page Rules, you will stop being billed for them, and you will no longer be able to use them.

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