How to add a DS record to DreamHost

DreamHost does support DS records, but you must first host your DNS with a third-party host that supports DNSSEC, like Cloudflare.


You will need 4 pieces of information to provide DreamHost with in order to get the DS record added, all of which can be found on the Cloudflare dashboard:

  • key tag
  • algorithm
  • digest type
  • digest

To find this data, you will want to activate DNSSEC for your zone on the Cloudflare dashboard.


Once you have this activated, you will get a pop up box that will display the information that you need to relay to DreamHost.

NOTE: Please Use 2 as the Digest Type, not SHA256


You will then create a support ticket to DreamHost to have the DS record added for your zone.


You can read the DreamHost Knowledge Base article here.


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