Dedicated SSL Certificates


Cloudflare Dedicated SSL Certificates provides a cost effective fully managed SSL solution, eliminating the need generate private keys, create certificate signing requests (CSR), renew certificates, and many of the other maintenance tasks associated with traditional SSL certificates.

Dedicated SSL certificates are only usable on Cloudflare and aren't exportable. All Cloudflare SSL's are not exportable with the exception of Origin CA certificates.

There are two types of Dedicated SSL certificates Cloudflare will provide:

Cloudflare Dedicated Certificate: $5 per domain

      • Common name is the name of your domain
      • Auto renewal
      • Protects your domain and first-level subdomains (*

Cloudflare Dedicated Certificate with Custom Hostname: $10 per domain

      • All the items included in the base Dedicated SSL Certificate
      • Protects your domain, subdomains (*, as well as up to 50 additional hostnames.

Ordering Dedicated SSL Certificates

      1. Go to the Crypto app in the Cloudflare dashboard.
      2. Scroll down to the Edge Certificates section.
      3. Click Order SSL Certificate. There are two options described below.

Option #1: Dedicated SSL Certificate

      1. Select Dedicated SSL Certificate and click Next.
      2. Confirm that your domain and the one-level wildcard are correct and click Select Payment method.
      3. Complete the proper payment process. 
      4. Once the payment information has been confirmed, validation will begin:  
      5. Once the validation is complete you now have your Dedicated SSL Certificate and a confirmation will be displayed. 

Option #2: Dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom Hostnames

      1. Select Dedicated SSL Certificate and click Next.
      2. The remaining process is similar to one listed in Option 1. Once completed, you should see a confirmation screen with your Dedicated SSL information.

You are all done! 

As with all of our SSL certificates, this process typically takes up to 24 hours to fully propagate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find my Dedicated Certificate subscription?
A: This is located on your Overview tab listed under Subscriptions

Q: What type of SSL certificates are provided?

      • SHA-2/ECDSA signed certificate using P-256 key
      • SHA-2/RSA signed certificate using RSA 2048-bit key 

Q: Are these certificates compatible with pre-SNI browsers?
A: Cloudflare Dedicated SSL Certificates require SNI sent from the browser. 

Q: On the $10/month certificate with 50 hostnames, will all 50 hostnames show up in the certificate?
A: All the hostnames will show up. Just note that you cannot add hostnames from different domains to the same Dedicated SSL Certificate. 

Q: Can I add a hostname to my dedicated certificate after I complete the process?
A: For the time being, you must delete and reorder. 

Q: Can I purchase a Dedicated SSL Certificate if I am not using Cloudflare DNS?
A: These certificates are available to all plan levels, and we recently added eligibility for Partial (not using Cloudflare nameservers) domains. Now any Cloudflare domain can take advantage of Cloudflare's dedicated certificate offerings. 

Q: "What top-level domains (TLDs) can I acquire a Dedicated Certificate for?"
A: "We can issue for all TLDs except for the following:

  • .cu
  • .iq
  • .ir
  • .kp
  • .sd
  • .ss
  • .ye 

Troubleshooting steps

What does this mean?

 If you receive this message validation may have timed out/failed, and you will need to try again. Please do not navigate away from the screen. If the error occurs again please open a ticket with support and we will investigate.

Deleting Dedicated Certificates:

     1. Go to the Crypto app in the Cloudflare dashboard.

     2. Scroll down to your Dedicated certificate and click View.  

     3. A popup appear outlining the details of your dedicated certificate. Next click Delete Certificate.     

      4. A screen appears with information regarding the downgrade of this certificate. If you agree, click Delete Certificate.


     5. Once completed, you'll a confirmation of the deletion of the certificate is shown.       

Remove Dedicated Certificates Subscription

Complete the steps in Deleting Dedicated Certificate before proceeding.
  1. Go to your account settings and go to the Subscriptions tab.
  2. Click Edit next to the certificate subscription you would like to cancel:
  3. A popup should appear with details about your subscription
  4. To cancel a subscription select the number of dedicated certificates you would like to keep in place. In this case, we want 0 dedicated certificates: 
  5. Click Save Changes and a preview order screen should appear. You will not be charged by clicking Make Payment. This is just to confirm that you will not be using this dedicated certificate anymore.
  6. Once you press the Make Payment button, you have completed the removal of the subscription.


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