Managing Dedicated SSL Certificates

Understand the benefits and limitations of Cloudflare’s Dedicated SSL Certificates and determine whether a Dedicated SSL Certificate or Dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom Hostnames is more appropriate for your domain.  Learn how to add and remove Dedicated SSL Certificates.


Cloudflare Dedicated SSL Certificates provide a cost-effective SSL solution. Dedicated SSL certificates are fully managed via Cloudflare and eliminate the need to generate private keys, create certificate signing requests (CSR), renew certificates, and many other maintenance tasks associated with purchasing traditional SSL certificates through a Certificate Authority.

Cloudflare provides two types of Dedicated SSL certificates which are available to domains either using Cloudflare as the authoritative hosting provider or on a CNAME setup:

Cloudflare Dedicated Certificate: $5 per domain per month

  • Allocated only for your domains, not shared by other customers
  • Renews automatically
  • Protects your domain and first-level subdomains (*

Cloudflare Dedicated Certificate with Custom Hostname: $10 per domain per month

  • Includes all benefits mentioned above for Dedicated Certificates
  • Protects your domain, subdomains (*, as well as up to 50 additional hostnames
  • Can extend protection beyond first-level subdomains (*, not just *

Dedicated SSL certificates typically provision within a few minutes but can take up to 24 hours.


Dedicated SSL certificates have several limitations:

  • Are not exportable for use outside of Cloudflare.

  • Require browser SNI support.  It is possible for Cloudflare Support to enable non-SNI support for domains on Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans for Universal, Dedicated, Custom, or Custom Hostname certificates.

  • You cannot add hostnames from different domains to the same Dedicated SSL Certificate.

  • Dedicated SSL Certificates are not allowed for the following top-level domains (TLDs):
    • .cu
    • .iq
    • .ir
    • .kp
    • .sd
    • .ss
    • .ye

Ordering Dedicated SSL Certificates

  1. Log in to Cloudflare.
  2. Select the appropriate account for the domain requiring a Dedicated SSL certificate.
  3. Select the domain.
  4. Click on the SSL/TLS app.
  5. Click on the Edge Certificates tab.
  6. Click Order SSL Certificate and the Order SSL Certificate window will appear.
  7. In the Order SSL Certificate window, select either Dedicated SSL Certificate or Dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom Hostnames.
  8. Click Next.

Option #1: Dedicated SSL Certificate

  1. Select Dedicated SSL Certificate and click Next.
  2. Confirm that your domain and the one-level wildcard are correct and click Next. You will see a Payment method screen.
  3. Enter your payment information or confirm existing payment method, then click Next. Once the payment information has been confirmed, validation will begin.
  4. Once the validation is complete, you now have your Dedicated SSL Certificate. You should see a confirmation screen with your Dedicated SSL information.

Option #2: Dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom Hostnames

  1. Select Dedicated SSL Certificate and click Next.
  2. Add the subdomains to the certificate that require SSL coverage.
  3. The remaining process is similar to one listed in Option 1. Once completed, you should see a confirmation screen with your Dedicated SSL information.
To add an additional hostname after purchase, delete then re-order the Dedicated SSL Certificate. 

If a Dedicated SSL Certificate order fails at the Validating your domain/hostnames with the Certificate Authority step, reorder the certificate without navigating away from the screen.  If the error occurs again please contact Cloudflare Support.

Deleting Dedicated SSL Certificates

To delete a Dedicated SSL certificate:

  1. Go to the SSL/TLS app in the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to your Dedicated certificate and click View.
  3. Click Delete Certificate in the popup that appears.
  4. A screen appears with information regarding the certificate deletion.
  5. If you agree, click Delete Certificate.
  6. A confirmation of the certificate deletion is displayed.

Removing a Dedicated Certificates subscription

Complete the steps in Deleting Dedicated Certificate before proceeding.

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

2. Under the My Profile dropdown, click My Profile.

3. Click the Billing tab.

4. In the left panel, click Subscriptions

5. Click Edit next to the certificate subscription you would like to cancel:

6. A popup should appear with details about your subscription

7. To cancel a subscription set the number of active Dedicated SSL Certificates.0 means that no Dedicated SSL Certificates should be active.

8. Click Save Changes and a preview order screen should appear. You will not be charged by clicking Make Payment. This is just to confirm that you will not be using this dedicated certificate anymore.

9. Once you press the Make Payment button, you have completed the removal of the subscription.

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