Error 1016 - Origin DNS error

A 1016 Error (HTTP 530) means we could not resolve DNS to find your origin IP. When we can't find your origin server IP, we can't send requests to your server, so we return this error:

Most common causes are:

  1. You do not have a matching DNS record inside your Cloudflare DNS settings so we cannot resolve the origin
  2. Your DNS record is a CNAME to an external service which is returning a DNS failure
  3. You have a Load Balancer configured with Cloudflare, and the origin hostnames ("CNAMEs") within your default/region pools a and your fallback pool cannot be resolved via DNS. Cloudflare recommends using a fallback pool configured with an origin IP, as the fallback pool is the 'last resort' if all other pools are unavailable.

Troubleshooting Error 1016

  1. Check your Cloudflare DNS settings (e.g. ) for the DNS record that experienced the error - if it doesn't exist it must be created for your DNS record to operate on Cloudflare
  2. Confirm the value of this record, e.g. it will likely be a CNAME to something external to for example
  3. Check the DNS resolution of the CNAME value using a tool like dig or nslookup or an online service. More details on this below.

Checking DNS resolution of an external record

There are some command line tools you can use to check DNS resolution, as well as some 3rd party online services that can help too.

If you see anything other than a valid IP address returned (e.g. you see a timeout, a SERVFAIL, NXDOMAIN or NOERROR response) then this is the likely source of your issue, and you'll need to contact the DNS provider for your CNAME in this case to resolve this.

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