Error 1016 - Origin DNS error

Error 1016 indicates that Cloudflare is unable to send requests to your server because its origin IP cannot be resolved through DNS.


Cloudflare returns Error 1016 when your origin server IP cannot be found.


Common causes

The most common causes for Error 1016 are:

  • Your Cloudflare DNS configuration does not have an A DNS record that matches the origin IP address.
  • You have a CNAME DNS record pointing to an external domain that cannot be resolved.
  • You're using Cloudflare Load Balancer and the origin host names (CNAMEs) in your default/region and fallback pools cannot be resolved via DNS. Use a fallback pool configured with an origin IP as a backup in case all other pools are unavailable.

Troubleshoot Error 1016

To solve Error 106, ensure the origin IP address is resolvable through DNS.  You can try the following:

  1. Verify that your Cloudflare DNS settings include an A record that points to a valid IP address.  You could edit an existing A record or create a new one.
  2. For a CNAME record pointing to an external domain, ensure that the target domain can be resolved.  See below for help with verifying DNS resolution of an external record.


Verify DNS resolution of an external record

You can use some command line tools as well as third-party tools to check DNS resolution.

A response other than a valid IP address (e.g., timeout, SERVFAIL, NXDOMAIN or NOERROR) most likely points to the source of your issue. For resolution, contact the DNS provider for your CNAME.

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