Load Balancing: Event Logs

Load Balancing Event Logs provide a history of all origin and subsequent pool status changes in your Cloudflare Traffic App. All Load Balancing customers have access to the last 30 days of Event Logs.

Where are they located?

Load Balancing Event Logs are located in your Cloudflare Dashboard Traffic App. They are at the bottom of the page, beneath your Load Balancing Configuration.

What do they look like?

Load Balancing Event Logs, as shown below, give a historical list of any status changes to your origins and how those status changes affect your pools. They can be filtered by date, pool health, pool(s), origin health, and/or origin(s). Events may be expanded by clicking the arrow on the right to show a list of healthy origins, health threshold for the given pool, pool ID, and origin address. For Critical origin events, a failure reason and list of failed origins are also provided.


What is captured?

All detected status changes via your configured healthchecks to your origins (Healthy to Critical or Critical to Healthy) are logged. The corresponding changes in your Pool health are also included.

What is not captured?

If your origin does not change status (e.g. it stays Critical or it stays Healthy), no event will be logged until the status changes.

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