Getting started with Cloudflare Access

Cloudflare Access adds an authentication page in front of an application you don’t want to be publicly accessible. It is a perimeter-less access control solution for cloud and on-premise applications.

How Cloudflare Access Works?

Visitors to your application proxy through Cloudflare to reach your application. When the request is received by Cloudflare, Cloudflare checks if that visitor is allowed to reach your application. If the Cloudflare Access is enabled on your application and the visitor does not already have a valid session cookie from Cloudflare Access, then the visitor will be redirected to the login page to sign in.

To learn more about how you can leverage Cloudflare Access to secure your web application and manage user session, check out our developer site to learn more.

Setting Up Cloudflare Access?

Note: The application's hostname must be using Cloudflare to use Cloudflare Access. You can see if a subdomain is on Cloudflare by checking for the orange cloud in the DNS tab.

  1. Login to the Cloudflare dashboard. Click on the app in the navigation bar called ‘Access’.
  2. Claim a ‘Login Page Domain’, this is what your visitors see as the URL when they login via Cloudflare Access. This domain is shared across all hostnames.
  3. Click the ‘Add’ button under ‘Login Methods’.
  4. Select an identity provider to add.
  5. Get your Client ID and Secret:
  6. Click Save.
  7. To start adding Cloudflare Access policies to control access to your sites. Click Create Policy.
  8. The Application Domain field allows you to set the hostname and/or path you want Cloudflare Access to be applied on such as
  9. Enter users to allow or disallow into your site. You can add:
    • A single email address e.g. [email protected] for just one user.
    • An email domain e.g. to allow every email address.
    • A group name from GSuite or Okta.

Congratulations! Visit your hostname to see it work.

Bonus: Install Cloudflare Access Bar to display an overlay showing the logged in user, as well as a link to log out.

If you want to temporarily turn off Cloudflare Access, you can temporarily rename the domain of the Cloudflare Access application to something visitors never go to. An "On/Off" toggle for Cloudflare Access will be available in the near future.

How Much Does Cloudflare Access Cost?

Cloudflare Access is $3 per unique logged in user per month, and you get your first user every month for free so that you can test Cloudflare Access without charge.


The whole Cloudflare Access team is in the Cloudflare Access Community Forum. We can’t wait to get your feedback.

Still not finding what you need?

The Cloudflare team is here to help. 95% of questions can be answered using the search tool, but if you can’t find what you need, submit a support request.

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