About Cloudflare Access

Cloudflare Access enables distributed account access control using any identity provider (IdP) and making a VPN unnecessary.

What is Cloudflare Access?

Cloudflare Access replaces Virtual Private Networks (VPN), allowing you to:

  • Secure web applications and services that need to be reached over RDP or SSH
  • Integrate with major identity providers (IdP), such as Google, Okta, Microsoft Azure AD, Github, Facebook, OneLogin, and more
  • Create access policies using emails or groups defined in your IdP
  • Revoke user sessions as needed
  • Log all authentications and actions for auditing purposes

Access is powered by Cloudflare’s  extensive network of data centers across the globe, offering best-in-class redundancy and DDoS protection and performance, wherever your employees or corporate office might be.

Learn more

To learn more about Cloudflare Access, consult the following documentation resources found in the Cloudflare Developer Portal:

To learn about pricing and billing, read the article Understanding Subscriptions and Billing for Cloudflare Access.

If you experience a 404 Not Found error in Cloudflare Access, make sure that:
  • Cloudflare is the the authoritative DNS for your site or that you have a CNAME record that points to a Cloudflare-proxied site.
  • You have set up an Access Policy in Cloudflare Access.
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