Load Balancing: Dynamic Steering

What is Dynamic Steering?

Dynamic Steering is a load balancing feature that allows you to have your Cloudflare load balancer direct traffic to the fastest pool for a given Cloudflare region or colo (Enterprise only) for a configured load balancer.

Fastest pool is determined by Round Trip Time (RTT) time for health checks using Exponential Moving Average. If there is no current RTT data for your pool for a region or colo, we will utilize the pools in failover order (default).

If you have just enabled Dynamic Steering for a pool for the first time, please allow ten minutes for it to take effect as Cloudflare builds a RTT profile for that pool.

How do I enable it?

Dynamic Steering requires a Traffic Steering (formerly Geo Routing) subscription for self service customers. It is included for all Enterprise customers. To add this subscription if you do not have it already, click on “Configure additional features” in the Traffic App or contact your Cloudflare account team.


Enabling Dynamic Steering requires you to select the option while configuring a load balancer. This is done either in step 4 of a new load balancing configuration or at the bottom of the configuration screen for an existing load balancer.

Creating a New Load Balancer


Editing an existing Load Balancer



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