Billing for Cloudflare Access

Cloudflare Access offers billing plans that support social and enterprise identity providers for self-serve customers. Cloudflare Enterprise customers can also use Access with OIDC and SAML.


Cloudflare Access is an application that controls access to your sites and integrates with social and enterprise identity providers (IdP) for managing user credentials. Before any request reaches your origin web server, Access applies the authorization policies you configure.

IdP integration through Access doesn’t require you to perform any hosting configuration changes or to add new components to your sites.

When your team members need to access protected resources, they log in with their identity provider credentials (managed by your organization). Once authorized, they’ll access those protected resources for the duration that you define in your Access policies.

The Cloudflare Access pricing calculator helps you estimate your costs and select a plan based on the identity providers and number of seats you expect to use. Try it now!

Cloudflare Access is billed monthly, in advance. When you select a plan, you are billed for the month at that time. If you downgrade during that billing cycle, your downgraded pricing will apply in the next billing cycle.

Subscription plans for Cloudflare Access

Cloudflare Access is free for up to 5 seats. Starting with 6 seats and above, the following pricing scheme applies (in U.S. dollars, per seat per month):


Access Basic

Access Premium




IdP support




Bulk pricing discounts


After 100 users

(see bulk discount info below)

The following table outlines the IdPs available for the different plans:

IdP type

IdP name



  • Facebook
  • Google
  • GitHub
  • Yandex
  • One-Time Pin
  • Access Basic
  • Access Premium


  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Centrify
  • Microsoft AzureAD
  • GSuite
  • Access Premium

Cloudflare Enterprise customers can also integrate the OIDC and SAML generic connectors with Cloudflare Access.

Cloudflare Access user count

Cloudflare Access counts users based on active seats per month. The number of seats in your plan translates into the total number of active seats available to you each month. At the start of each month, your Access active seat count is 0.

Active seats free you up from permanently assigning a seat to a specific user. Instead, a seat becomes active only when a unique user logs in during the current month. In summary, each unique user login in the same month counts as 1 active seat.

We encourage you to use your IdP to centrally manage your user credentials.

Cloudflare Access with multiple domains

Your Cloudflare Access plan is shared across all domains in your Cloudflare account. You should purchase the number of seats you expect to need for all your Cloudflare domains.

For example, you should purchase one Access plan with 15 seats if you have two distinct domains ( and and you expect 10 unique users to log in to and 5 unique users to log in to

Additionally, if the same user logs in to both domains, this access counts as just one active seat.

Seat usage

You can review team’s seat usage in the Access administration UI. At the top of the Access panel, you can see the number of seats used this month and the total seats purchased.

Once your account has reached the maximum count of active seats, new users attempting to log in will not be able to proceed. Users who had successfully logged in during that same month (before seats were exceeded) will be able to continue using Cloudflare Access.

You can upgrade your count of active seats at any time.

Access Premium bulk discounts

Access Premium subscribers with more than one hundred seats are eligible for bulk discounts on a sliding scale. The prices below are in U.S. dollars, per seat per month:

Seat range




Discounted price




To arrive at the total cost for your number of users, first compute the sub-total for each seat range, and then add together all the subtotals.

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