How do I get discounted data transfer with my cloud provider?

Welcome to the KB for the Bandwidth Alliance (BWA). The BWA is an initiative led by Cloudflare with the support of many cloud providers. In summary, the BWA provides mutual customers of Cloudflare and select Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) discounted or free egress from the provider network to Cloudflare.

Why is Cloudflare doing this?

Cloudflare runs an extensive network, with locations all over the world. Most CSPs also have connectivity in these same locations. This means that egress from the CSP to Cloudflare may be happening within the same building. Additionally, Cloudflare peers extensively in areas of high connectivity, so this egress would be flowing over a peered connection or a direct connect. Together with our partners, we decided mutual customers should pay a reduced or zero cost for this transfer over such low cost connections. We’ve also enabled the BWA with new features and added more connectivity to CSPs across the world. To read about our announcement please see here.

What has been done to enable the BWA?

Two things. First we’ve spun up new peering sessions and direct connects with our partners where they did not previously exist. Our goal is to route requests for all content bound both for and from their networks over direct connects or peering. This ensures the costs for the CSP are as low as possible and has some great benefits for customers.

Secondly, we’ve turned on Argo Smart Routing for all DNS records bound for cloud provider IPs, regardless of plan type, to enable the routing described above. This does not affect all routing for a given domain, but only requests bound for a cloud provider IP who is part of the BWA.

For now, Enterprise customers can opt in to this routing to provide maximum flexibility in their configuration.

What are the benefits?

Mutual customers save money on egress by paying nothing or a reduced rate (see table below).

Further through Argo Smart Routing performance will improve. Because CF routes to our partners over a dedicated point of interconnection, we’ve seen a large drop in error rates as we never need reach across a third party to speak to a partner network.

Which partners are currently in the BWA and what do they charge for egress?

See website (click on your CSP) to get the current status or see the details below.

Zero Egress:









Liquid Web






Discounted egress:

Microsoft Azure *From select US regions, is currently in Beta from the Illinois region alone

GCP (as part of their CDN interconnect program)

Not yet implemented



IBM Cloud

How will I know I have a discount?

Please contact your BWA CSP to understand how this program will appear on your bill.

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