Cloudflare Stream video platform

Store, encode, deliver, and play videos on your sites and applications with Cloudflare Stream.


Cloudflare Stream is a video-on-demand platform for building video applications.

With one Stream API call, you can upload a video and get an embeddable video.  In the background, Cloudflare encodes, stores, and delivers your video. We optimize the right format and bitrate for every type of device and network connection.

Before Cloudflare Stream, Cloudflare recommended customers to grey cloud subdomains that stream content to avoid occasional performance issues due to the number of streamed content connections. 

Embedded services - such as YouTube and Vimeo - do not require any special configuration because that content is not being served from your site.

You can manage your videos via:

  • the Stream UI (Stream app in the Cloudflare dashboard)
  • the Stream API

To learn more and get started, visit:

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