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Frequently asked questions about Cloudflare Registrar

How to receive support for Cloudflare Registrar?

Refer to our Cloudflare Registrar support article.

What is Cloudflare’s expired domains policy?

Your domain registration will be canceled if it's not renewed before the registration period.

Cloudflare domain registration is set to automatically renew by default.

Expired registrations have a Redemption Grace Period (RGP) of 30 days. During this time, Cloudflare will block attempted transfers of your expired domain. Cloudflare does not charge additional fees for domains recovered during the RGP.

What are Cloudflare’s Registrant Rights and Responsibilities?

Cloudflare Registrar abides by the ICANN Registrant Rights and Responsibilities, found on the ICANN website here:

Will Cloudflare provide Whois Privacy?

Cloudflare Registrar offers free personal data redaction on WHOIS that meets current ICANN guidelines.

How does Cloudflare approach registry promotions?

If a registry provides a promotional price for a TLD, Cloudflare will provide customers that price.

Will I lose registration time already purchased when transferring to Cloudflare?

ICANN requires a domain transfer to extend the expiration date by at least one year. For example, a domain that expires March 10, 2019 but transferred on October 10, 2018 would have a new expiration of March 10, 2020.  

If a domain expires at the current registrar and is renewed within 45 days before transferring to Cloudflare, the registry can restrict the addition of an extra year.

What is the maximum expiration time allowed for a domain?

Per ICANN rules, Cloudflare offers domain registration renewals in one-year increments unless the expiration extension exceeds the maximum of ten years.

Where can I find additional Cloudflare Registrar documentation?

Additional documentation for Cloudflare registrar is located at

How fast does a domain transfer to Cloudflare?

The timing of the transfer depends on your current domain provider:  

  • It can take two days to receive a verification code.
  • It can take up to five days for the domain to be acknowledged and released. 
  • Additional confirmation emails may be required.
Cloudflare cannot expedite the receipt of authorization codes or transfer acknowledgement since these are dictated by your current domain provider.

Overall, domains can be transferred to Cloudflare between one or fifteen days depending on your current domain provider.

Are there concerns for transferring multiple domains to Cloudflare?

Notify your financial institution before initiating multiple domain transfers so multiple charges of the same dollar amount are not flagged as fraudulent.  

Why does WHOIS information differ in Cloudflare's dashboard vs ICANN?

Check the Verisign WHOIS. ICANN whois is not authoritative and can experience delays. 

What happens to my DNSSEC once domains move to Cloudflare registrar?

Domain transfer to Cloudflare Registrar requires the domain status be Active in the Cloudflare account and also requires a Full DNS setup for the domain.  Confirm the domain uses Cloudflare as the Authoritative DNS before transfer to prevent issues caused by nameserver changes while old DS records are configured.

Can I use third-party nameservers with Cloudflare Registrar? 

To use Cloudflare Registrar, the domain must be Active on Cloudflare with a Full setup (Cloudflare hosts the Authoritative DNS).  Domains on CNAME setups cannot transfer domains to Cloudflare.

Can I purchase a domain directly from Cloudflare?

Cloudflare only supports domain transfer and does not currently support direct purchase.

When will my TLD be supported?

There is no ETA on particular support for a given top-level domain (TLD) and new TLD's are being added continuously. Please refer to Cloudflare's list of supported TLDs.

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