Cloudflare Billing Policy

Learn how the Cloudflare billing policy applies to the domains, plans, and add-on services associated with your account.


The terms subscription and add-on service are used interchangeably in this support guide.

Cloudflare plans and add-on services are billed every 30 days for each domain in your account.

Cloudflare also collects sales tax as governed by local laws. Sales taxes are computed based on the nine (9) digit postal code of either the shipping or billing address on file for your Cloudflare account where applicable.

If you are a US-based customer, you can file for sales tax exemption

Cloudflare issues a separate invoice for plans and subscriptions (or add-on services) for every domain added to a Cloudflare account.

Subdomains do not count as billable domains.

For example, if and are added to the same Cloudflare account and upgraded to the Pro plan, you will receive an invoice with two $20 charges. Subdomains such as or will not be included as billable domains.

The date you initiate a paid plan or add-on service will be both the start of your billing period and your invoice date. For example, If you upgrade your plan on January 10, all future plan charges will be billed on the 10th of every month.

When ordering a paid plan, subscription, or add-on service, you must agree to the following:

By clicking "Enable" you agree that you are purchasing a continuous month-to-month subscription which will automatically renew, and that the price of your selected subscription plan level and/or add on(s) will be billed to your designated payment method monthly as a recurring charge, unless you cancel your subscription(s), through your account dashboard, before the beginning of your next monthly billing period.

You will be billed for the full monthly period in which you cancel and no refunds will be given. By purchasing a subscription, you agree to a minimum one month purchase obligation. [emphasis added]

For more information on renewal terms and cancellation please review the Cloudflare Terms of Use.

Upgrade or downgrade Cloudflare paid plans

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