Understanding Cloudflare Analytics Partnerships and Integrations (Enterprise only)

Learn about Cloudflare analytic partnerships and integrations for our Enterprise customers.


Cloudflare Enterprise customers can now use Cloudflare integrations with their preferred analytics provider and benefit from ready-to-use Cloudflare Dashboards.

Most analytics integrations are built on Cloudflare Logs by using Logpush with either AWS S3 bucket or GCP Storage bucket. The Logpull option is also possible but requires building and maintaining their Logpull solution to obtain Cloudflare logs on a regular basis.

If you’re a customer of both Cloudflare Enterprise and one of our analytics partners and don’t plan to change the data ingest, there are no additional costs. However, If you’re a current Cloudflare Enterprise customer looking to use one of our partners, there will be additional costs. 

Learn more about the Cloudflare Enterprise plan.  

Analytics partners

The following providers have partnered with Cloudflare to facilitate dashboards based on Cloudflare log data:

  • Google Data Studio - Find the Cloudflare Dashboards Template in the Google. Learn how to set it up on Cloudflare.
  • Elastic - The Elastic documentation can be found on. Learn how to set it up on Cloudflare.
  • Looker - Review documentation for more information. Learn how to set it up on Cloudflare.
  • Splunk - Cloudflare app for Splunk. Learn how to set it up on Cloudflare.
  • Sumo Logic - The Cloudflare application for Sumo Logic can be found under App Catalog after logging in to your Sumo Logic user account. Learn how to set it up on Cloudflare.
  • Datadog - The for Datadog can be found under Integrations after logging in to your Datadog user account. Learn how to set it up on Cloudflare.

It's possible to ingest Cloudflare Enterprise logs into Datadog by using Cloudflare log-push to AWS S3 bucket and the following Lambda function for AWS S3 logs which will import these logs into Datadog >> Logs.

For more information on our analytics partnerships, refer to our Analytics Partnerships page.

If you are using another analytics provider that is not listed above, we’d love to hear about the tools you’re using.


You will need to use Cloudflare logs for these analytic integrations, with the exception of Datadog. The datadog integration is based on our Analytics API.

For more information on the nature of each integration with set-up instructions for each partner, refer to our developer documentation.

For additional questions/concerns, please reach out to analytics@cloudflare.com

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