Canceling a Cloudflare account

Learn how to cancel your Cloudflare account. Once you cancel your Cloudflare account, your site no longer benefits from Cloudflare’s security, speed, and reliability.


Before canceling your account, contact Cloudflare Support to help you troubleshoot any issues. Issues are often resolved by making minor changes to Cloudflare account settings. 

Once the account is canceled, Cloudflare cannot reactivate the original email address for your account. If you decide to use Cloudflare again, you will need a different email address to set up the new account.


The process outlined below is required for each domain associated with your Cloudflare account.

Add-on services and plan extensions are the two terms we’ll to describe Cloudflare products and services that have an additional monthly cost.

If after contacting Cloudflare Support, you would still like to cancel your account: 

If you are using a Cloudflare CNAME setup, update your DNS records at your DNS provider to point to your website IPs or hostnames instead of Cloudflare.

You cannot remove payment information if you have active paid Cloudflare payment plans or subscriptions for Cloudflare plan extensions.

Cancel your Cloudflare account

After following the prerequisites above, contact Cloudflare Support to request the cancellation of your account. Your account is canceled once the support team provides confirmation.

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