Changing your Cloudflare plan type

Learn how to upgrade or downgrade your plan type for your active Cloudflare domains.

Before getting started

Before changing your Cloudflare plan type, consider the following:

If you want to cancel your Cloudflare plan, review our support guide on removing a domain from a Cloudflare account.

Upgrade or downgrade Cloudflare plan

To downgrade or upgrade the Cloudflare plan for a domain:

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

2. Click the appropriate Cloudflare account for the domain.

3. Ensure the proper domain is selected.

4, Click the Overview app.

5. Click Change under Plan Extensions.


6. Choose the appropriate plan type, then click Continue.billing_choose_plan_type.png

  • If downgrading, you may be asked to share feedback with us. Choose all that apply.


When downgrading, you have the option to keep your existing Page Rules configuration for a fee. If you opt-out, you will only have access to the Page Rules associated with the cheaper plan type. For example, if you downgrade from Pro to Free and opt-out, you will now only have three (3) Page Rules.

7. Click Confirm.

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