Cloudflare Glossary: Account and Billing

Learn the definitions of various terms related to managing Cloudflare accounts, account privacy, account security, and billing.


The terms used when describing Cloudflare account management and billing are as follows:

Account or Organization

Accounts and Organizations group one or more users together with specific roles or permissions. Accounts can be associated with any number of domains

API key

An API key is unique to each Cloudflare user and used to confirm identity when using the Cloudflare API.

API token

API tokens authorize access to specific Cloudflare dashboard appsaccounts, and zones. API tokens are associated to the user that created them.


An icon in the Cloudflare dashboard that pertains to a grouping of Cloudflare features such as Page RulesCaching, or Traffic. App is not the same as the Cloudflare Apps feature.

Backup codes

Allow restoration of Cloudflare account access outside the normal Two-Factor Authentication process. A backup code becomes invalid after use.


An amount applied to a specific Cloudflare account as credit for recurring subscriptions or plan payments. The Cloudflare billing system automatically applies credits in the next billing cycle.

Domain, Zone, or Site

The terms domain, zone, or site are used interchangeably to denote the website added to Cloudflare.


A setting within an app in the Cloudflare dashboard that corresponds to functionality within a Cloudflare product or API.

Member or User

Email accounts are granted roles and permissions to access your Cloudflare account and services. Members belonging to multiple accounts can select which account to manage via the Cloudflare dashboard.


Distinguish the breadth of Cloudflare features accessible to a specific domain.  Plan options include Free, Pro, Business, or Enterprise.


Authorize which Cloudflare app a user is allowed to access in a Cloudflare account. Learn more about roles.

Service Level Agreement (Enterprise and Business plans)

A contractual obligation for Cloudflare to maintain a specific level of service. Read the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the Cloudflare Business plan. Enterprise customers refer to the Enterprise SLA provided by their Subscription Agreement.)

Subscription, Add-on service, or Plan Extension

Subscriptions are a monthly fee in addition to standard plan costs that are visible within the Cloudflare Overview app. Subscriptions refer to:

  • Plan Extensions (Enterprise), or
  • Active Subscriptions (Free, Pro, and Business)

Some examples include products and services such as Cloudflare Dedicated SSL CertificatesArgoAccessLoad BalancingStream, etc.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of login security to Cloudflare accounts. It requires users to provide both something known, such as a Cloudflare password, and something physically present, such as an authentication code from a mobile device.

Usage-based billing

Within subscriptions, certain products are charged based on usage. The bill can vary month by month based on usage. This is in contrast to monthly flat fees such as for plans, additional Page Rules, and Dedicated SSL Certificates

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