Approving Cloudflare employee edit permissions to your account

Learn how to control Cloudflare Account and Support Team edit permissions to your Cloudflare account.


Cloudflare’s Editing Permission provides Enterprise customers control over Cloudflare Account and Support team access to their Cloudflare account. 

By default, Editing Permission is Off but is enabled by:

  1. Logging into your Cloudflare account,
  2. Clicking Configurations,
  3. Setting Editing Permission to On, and
  4. Selecting a duration to Grant access for.

A typical use case for allowing edit permission to your account is to receive assistance from your Cloudflare Account Team for migrating a complex or sensitive domain to Cloudflare.  Also, in an emergency, the Cloudflare Account Team can override Editing Permission restrictions, but the override is logged to Audit Logs with an Action of Break glass.  Super administrators of the account are also emailed if an override occurs.

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