Getting Started with Cloudflare: Video Tutorials

Learn to set up your Cloudflare account and activate your domain by watching short video tutorials.


Getting started with Cloudflare is a multi-step process. The following video tutorials guide you through the onboarding process and highlight some best practices.

Add a domain to Cloudflare

When you create a new Cloudflare account, part of the process includes adding a new domain.

Change domain nameservers to Cloudflare

To use Cloudflare as your authoritative DNS provider, you must update the nameservers at your domain registrar so that your web traffic routes through the Cloudflare network. This video explains how to change your nameservers at your domain registrar when adding your website to Cloudflare.

Add MX records to Cloudflare

Adding DNS records to Cloudflare is required during the onboarding process. Cloudflare DNS only proxies HTTP traffic, so MX records can’t be proxied through our network. This video demonstrates best practices when adding MX records to Cloudflare.

Performance overview

Cloudflare creates features that improve your site performance. This video describes key performance-enhancing features, including Auto-Minify, Brotli, Polish, and WebP.

Some of these features require at least a Pro plan to activate.

Security overview

Cloudflare offers many solutions to encrypt web traffic. This video describes the basics of HTTP and HTTPs, and demonstrates how to secure and protect your site using the Cloudflare SSL/TLS tab. 

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