Understanding Cloudflare Account Analytics (beta)

Cloudflare (Account) Analytics helps you gain insight into your Cloudflare account through an aggregated view of metrics from all your sites. This is an open beta product, available to all customers with one thousand sites or fewer on Cloudflare.


The Cloudflare dashboard (Account) Analytics app is a major component of the overall Cloudflare analytics product line.  Specifically, you can access a wide range of aggregated metrics from all the sites under a specific Cloudflare account.

Read Cloudflare Analytics: A quick overview for general information about all of Cloudflare’s analytics offerings. You can also understand the characteristics of the data that Cloudflare captures and processes.

View your account analytics

To view metrics for your site:

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

2. Select the appropriate Cloudflare account.

3. Under the Home tab, click Analytics to the right of the list of sites. 

Alternatively under Menu, locate the Products section and select Analytics

Once it loads, the Account Analytics app displays a collection of categorized charts with aggregated metrics for your account.  To understand the various metrics available, see Review your account metrics below.

Review your account metrics

This section outlines the aggregated metrics under each category.  Before reviewing your metrics, let’s define a couple of concepts used in some panels:

  • Rate -  Reflects the ratio between the amount for a specific data category and the total.
  • Bandwidth - Refers to the number of bytes sent from the Cloudflare edge network to the requesting client.

Also, note that:

  • To filter metrics for a specific time period, use the dropdown in the top right.
  • Most metrics are grouped into panels representing different aspects of the underlying data.

Summary of metrics

Below is a brief description of the major elements comprising the metrics available.

HTTP Traffic

These charts aggregate data for HTTP traffic, and include:

  • Spark lines for Requests, Bandwidth, Page views, and Visitors (Unique IPs)
  • An interactive map that breaks down the number of requests by country
  • A table combining numerical and spark line data, sorted by total number of requests per country


This panel features spark lines highlighting various encryption metrics, including: requests, requests rate, bandwidth, and bandwidth rate.  These also include a comparative percentage change based on the previous period.


This panel features spark lines for various caching metrics, including: requests, requests rate, bandwidth, and bandwidth rate.  These also include a comparative percentage change based on the previous equivalent period.  For example, if you selected Last week as your time period, the previous period refers to the week before.


This panel displays spark lines for 4xx and 5xx error rates, respectively.  Learn more about HTTP Status Codes


Client HTTP Version Used

These statistics show the percentage of requests that use a specific version of HTTP.

Traffic Served Over SSL

These statistics show the percentage of traffic that is encrypted using a specific version of SSL or TLS.

Content Type Breakdown

These statistics show the number of requests based on the resource content type.

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