Cloudflare Workers: Old vs. New Dashboards

When Cloudflare Workers was first released, it was a requirement that a user must have a Cloudflare zone for them to get started with Cloudflare Workers. 

We enabled users to write and create Workers using the editor inside the Workers tab in the zone dashboard. 

In June, we launched, enabling customers to sign up for Cloudflare Workers without having to go purchase a domain, and onboard it onto Cloudflare before getting started. You could simple pick a subdomain of, and deploy your Worker there. With that, we also announced Wrangler - the official Workers CLI, and a free tier (with up to 100,000 requests per day!). 

With this launch, we made many improvements to the Workers UI - since Workers are scoped to the account, we provide a more comprehensive view, with more granular control over each one. 

You can get started with the new Workers dashboard in three simple steps:

  1. Sign in, and navigate to the Workers pane:
  2. Select your subdomain — this will provide you an easy testing environment for you to play around with, and test your Workers. 
  3. If you have’t already, select your Workers tier (free or Unlimited — starting only $5 a month).

We look forward to you taking the new and improved Workers dashboard for a spin. We are always looking to further improve your experience, and would love your feedback.

New features in the new dashboard

  • Overview page: Workers___Account___Cloudflare_-_Web_Performance___Security.png
  • KV Browser:Workers___Account___Cloudflare_-_Web_Performance___Security.pngWorkers___Account___Cloudflare_-_Web_Performance___Security.png
  • Editor:Workers___Account___Cloudflare_-_Web_Performance___Security.png

Coming soon

We're excited to continue investing in the Workers experience. In this dashboard, we'll soon be adding new functionality such as secrets, configuration variables, analytics, and more!

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