Understanding Cloudflare for Campaigns

Learn how Cloudflare for Campaigns provides a suite of Cloudflare cybersecurity services tailored to political campaigns.


Cloudflare for Campaigns is a suite of Cloudflare products focused on the needs of U.S. political campaigns, particularly smaller campaigns without in-house cybersecurity resources.  To get started and speak with an expert, fill out the Cloudflare for Campaigns form.  Also, review our guide on getting started with Cloudflare to understand Cloudflare account creation and domain setup.

Cloudflare partners with Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC), a nonprofit approved by the Federal Election Commission, to provide nonpartisan, free or low-cost cybersecurity services to campaigns. 

Service donations are considered a political campaign contribution regulated by campaign finance law.  Criteria established by DDC and the FEC allow free services only for certain federal candidates and active registered national party committees:

  • House candidates with at least $50k in receipts for the election cycle;
  • Senate candidates with at least $100k in receipts for the election cycle;
  • House or Senate candidates who have qualified for the general election ballot;
  • Any presidential candidate who is polling above 5 percent in national polls.

Cloudflare for Campaigns includes: 

 For issues or support questions, contact campaign-support@cloudflare.com.

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